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Infor Employees, if you are reaching this page, you are not connected to the Infor VPN.

Please connect to Infor VPN via the Client application.

The alternative is using the VPN through the browser:

Americas :VPN-am
Europe :VPN-emea
Asia Pacific & Japan :VPN-apac
China :VPN-China

If you are reaching this page after your VPN is connected, your browser may be caching the incorrect DNS. Please follow these instructions to clear your DNS cache.

Internet Explorer:

  • With Internet Explorer Open, press Ctrl + R on your keyboard
  • After your cache is cleared, close your browser and attempt to load the page again

Note: If you continue to return to this page, you can also try flushing your computer DNS by the following method:

  • Close all instances of your browser
  • Start > Run
  • then type "ipconfig -flushdns" then enter
  • Open your browser and try this page again
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